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Our conservative holistic chiropractic treatment is based on the belief that our patients' needs are of the utmost importance. World Chiropractic is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the professional and personalized Chiropractic care you expect. 



Dr. Tom has relocated to 1074 Folsom Street where there is plenty of free one hour parking. I have been seeing Dr. Tom for some years. To make a point of how great he is, I am making a point of going to his new location even if it is more than 4 blocks from my home. As a senior citizen I frequent shops and restaurants all in a four block radius. Dr. Tom is very kind, caring and gives the best adjustments. Give Dr. Tom a try and you will be very happy.

Teresa B.


I doubt anyone could be more scared than I was going to see a chiropractor.

I wouldn't even let Dr. Tom work on me during our first appointment. I actually just asked him to talk to me. He did! He is very patient and must deal with a lot of hesitant first timers. He is unusual in that he works with ultrasound and pressure point massage in addition to doing adjustments. The actual "dreaded" adjustment which I thought would spin my head around and crack it off, was really gentle. I'd be dealing with neck and back discomfort for a few weeks after pulling something in the gym. Dr. Tom worked slowly with me and after a few sessions I could feel my neck and back getting better. He's thorough and gentle, and easy going enough to not take my fear personally. He's seen it before. I'm not in pain now, but I'm still going in once a week because my neck and back just feels so much better after 20 minutes with Dr. Tom. He's helped a lot and I would recommend him highly to anybody.

April J.


Dr. Tom is the best chiropractor! I've been seeing him for at least 4 years now and he always takes great care of me.

Kerry L.


Dr Carlbert is a thorough and gentle doctor. He actually spends time with his patients, does a bit of pre-adjustment massage to warm up the muscles, looks at your wrists, ankles, legs, etc. His adjustments are great. I have seen him for years and I always leave his office feeling better. Once, I came in for regular back treatments (I sit at a computer all day !) and as he was looking at my ankles he asked if I had been having any pain in the left ankle. I hadn't mentioned it, but come to think of it, yes! When I run, my left ankle has some slight pain. He adjusted it and told me it should be fine now, and sure enough, no more pain when running. Do your back and neck a favor...go see Dr. Carlbert!

Ingrid C.L.M.


I have been with Dr. Carlbert for 15 years now! As an older runner who has fallen off his bike a few times...and broken bones...Dr. Carlbert's adjustments keep me running/active! Plus-he's really nice and full of great advice!

Go see the doctor!!!

Darrin D.


Dr.Carlbert is definitely as good as it gets. I go in there feeling stiff and in pain, and after a completely painless adjustment, I leave feeling great. He gives me instant relief from my back pain. And, he's always friendly but professional, exactly what I want in a doctor. For anyone who suffers from back pain, neck pain, arm pain, leg pain, headaches, or numbness or tingling in your limbs, and for anyone who is afraid of chiropractors, Dr. Carlbert is the guy you need to see.

Eddie W.


Dr. Tom does a thorough job in evaluation and treatment.

As a trainer, I am constantly training myself and others and always in need of a good adjustment to keep me going strong. I spent some time with Dr. Tom and my shoulder has healed tremendously. No one should be in pain!

I feel confident in referring all my clients to Dr. Tom!!

Jennie M.


I have been treated my Dr. Carlbert for the last 17 years, since two auto accidents. His treatments have always been great and really helps me to function. He is kind and listens to your concerns.

Don't hesitate to visit his office for great adjustments.

Beverly M.

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